Treadmill Challenge | 6:30pm Doors | 7pm Start | February 1, 2017

Welcome to Missoula’s most spectator friendly race!  We have handpicked 12 of Montana’s best runners (6 Men & 6 Women) to duke it out treadmill style in front of a live audience for the title of King and Queen of the Treadmill! We will have a prediction contest, Big Sky Brewing beer, music and live announcing – all for a great cause.

A fundraiser for the Montana Youth Homes Inner Roads Wilderness Program

Thank you to our sponsors for their generous support of this event!


About our sponsors:

Sapphire Physical Therapy will be partnering with us for yet another event. Speaking of treadmills, you can head to Sapphire PT and have the knowledgeable staff there take a look at your running gate while on a treadmill! go check ’em out!

CostCare Family Practice and Walk-in Clinics is partnering with Runners Edge events for the entire year of 2016. We are so excited to have them involved in our races and community.