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Runner of the Month: Tammie Dry

Tammie was nominated for Runner of the Month by a friend who she helped motivate to be active consistently. They are both now working on the Frozen Feet Challenge and towards bigger goals this summer! Name: Tammie Dry How long have you been running? I started running in spring of 1992 to lose weight and get fit. […]

Frozen Feet

We know reaching fitness goals in the winter can be challenging, but it’s always better with friends and community support! That’s why we are bringing back the Frozen Feet Challenge.   We challenge you to run, walk, or hike at least one mile every day for eight weeks, OUTSIDE! Treadmills are great and all, but […]

Proximal Hamstring Pain in Runners

By:  John Fiore, PT The hamstring is an important and complex muscle group used in running. While minor hamstring pulls and strains are fairly common in runners, proximal hamstring overuse injuries can be very debilitating. Repetitive micro-trauma in the hamstring attachment site (ischial tuberosity of the pelvis) may result in proximal hamstring tendinopathy (acute tendinitis […]

Runner of the Month: December 2018

We have two new faces at Runner’s Edge and we’d like to take this opportunity to introduce them to you. Meet Sarah and Alex! Stop by and say hi if you get a chance. Names: Alex Tait and Sarah Knutson Hometowns: AT- Jackson, WY SK-Union, IL How long have you been in Missoula? AT- 6 years […]