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Product Review: SAXX Underwear

Tim Mosbacher is a RErun Ambassador for 2017/2018. We asked him to test out a pair of the SAXX Underwear and tell us what he thought. You can read more of his reviews and stories from running here.  A few months ago I was doing a little shopping at the Runner’s Edge and posed an […]

Runner of the Month – July 2017

Leah Handelman is a familiar face towards the front of races in the Montana trail racing scene. She recently followed up her win at the Don’t Fence Me In 30k with a first place finish at the Bighorn 52 mile run in Wyoming. She is also currently the female leader in the Treasure State Trail […]


Downhill Running Form and Training Techniques

Downhill Running Form and Training Techniques John Fiore, PT The challenges of running uphill are addressed through uphill interval training and techniques specific to climbing. Downhill running, however, is often a forgotten aspect of training. While it is true that many races are won on the unrelenting climbs, races are more often lost on the […]

Hip Extension for Efficient Running

Hip Extension for Efficient Running (Unlocking the mystery which drives running) By: John Fiore, PT Runners of all abilities and ages strive to run efficiently and injury-free. While the importance of foot strike pattern and cadence will be addressed in future articles, this month’s article will focus on the role of hip extension to maximize […]