Runner of the Month: August 2011

Name: Ani Haas Age: 23 Number of Years Running: 1 Occupation: Student at UM Currently Training For: Mid Mountain Marathon Favorite Pastime: Cooking, baking, eating! Favorite Quote: “"I think every woman should have…

Mike Foote To Run 100 Mile Race in Europe

Mike Foote is going to Europe! The ultra Trail du Mont Blanc is a 104 Mile mountain race that has a 31,000 ft of elevation gain and travels through three countries.  There will be 2300 people running it and it is one of the most…

Featured Runner of the Month: June 2011

Name: Kiefer Uli Hahn Age: 38 Number of Years Running: I've been a runner for 30 years! Wow! Haven't thought about that until now. Occupation: Co-Owner of Momentum Athletic Training. I guess that makes me a "trainer." Favorite…

Brooks Running Presents: A Cavalcade of Curiosities!

Brooks Running is coming to Missoula! And with them will be their Cavalcade of Curiosities - a magically-themed tour bus offering a free gait analysis, free giveaways for anyone who attends, and the mysterious "Arcade of Oddities" (it must…
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Montana Made 5k & 10k Results

Congrats to everyone who participated in the Montana Made run! For results, click here.

Featured Runner of the Month: May 2011

1. Name: Trisha Miller   2. Age: 30 3. Number of Years Running: 9 4. Weekly Mileage: 50 - 70 (depends on what I'm training for) 5. What got you interested in running? My friend asked me if I wanted to run a marathon once…