Jenna Lyons is a RErun Ambassador for 2017/2018. We asked her to test out a pair of the Hoka Speedgoat 2’s and tell us what she thought. You can follow Jenna’s adventures @littlelyoness. 

HOKA SPEEDGOAT 2: Like Dancing on Rainbows

By Jenna P.  Lyons

I reviewed the Hoka Speedgoat 2. Admittedly, I never tried the original Hoka Speedgoat, so I have no standards by which to compare this newer shoe to an older Hoka product. I chose to test the Speedgoat 2 in three environments: (1) on a super smooth trail with little rocks; (2) on a super technical, rocky, steep trail; and (3) having a cappuccino at Black Coffee with a dress on.

In true law student form, I organized my review of this shoe in five bulletpoints to avoid the vagueness rabbithole many shoe reviews fall into. Enjoy!

1.    Traction & Responsiveness

They have Vibram Megagrip lugs and sole, which provide for great traction.  However, if you’re not used to the cushion cloud platform or lack of a rock plate, these shoes can feel unstable, especially if you’re hauling down a rocky, gravelly steep downhill or jumping laterally from cloud to cloud.

2.   Comfort

These feel like running on a cloud. Or a marshmallow. This is due to the soft upper and the super soft cushion. For a more accurate depiction of how I felt on my runs in these shoes, click this link: No really, click the link 🙂

The finer details:

  • Weight: About 8.2 oz for a fairy foot like mine; 9.8 oz for a Men’s 9.For reference, the women’s shoe is about as heavy as an average hamster. The men’s shoe is about as heavy as the same average hamster that has just eaten 3 or 4 walnuts.
  • Drop: 4.5mm (32mm heel, 27.5mm forefoot). Roughly the size of a baby seahorse.

3.   Looks

I love platform shoes, so these are perfect! Though the Speedgoat 2 is more low profile than other Hokas, there is still substantial cushion.  I felt somewhat dorky walking around town in them, but that probably has nothing to do with the shoes. The colors are vibrant like a pet shop full of parakeets, so this will come down to personal preference for many folks who desire to run in Hokas.

4.   Price

$140. . .the same as many other trail shoes and the same price as roughly 70 cups of coffee. They’ll probably last longer, though, due to the beefiness of the lugs and sole.

5.   Fit

These fit pretty true to size. I normally wear a 36.5 or 37 European size in La Sportivas, and a 6 in all US-sized shoes, and the Hokas I have been running in are a size 37 1/3 (US 6). I have average width feet, and these fit snugly, which means if you have really wide feet, these may not be comfortable for you. I also have high arches, and would recommend insoles for other folks with high arches.


The Hoka Speedgoat 2 is a wonderful shoe that will make you feel like a pink unicorn running on a rainbow. It is the same price as most other trail shoes and fits true to size. It is a great shoe for long runs, especially if those runs take place on dirt roads or smoother single track. They aren’t great if you’re aiming to run super super fast, jump laterally, or chase children. I wouldn’t do box jumps in them. They are also not great for going on a first date or going to church. But you could go to coffee in them with a dress on. The upper is soft and comfortable, and so is the platform cushion. The lugs are beefy, and provide great traction on gravel. Like parakeets, the Speedgoat 2 comes in sweet colors that will make you giggle. If you have an injury or if impact from running hurts your knees, hips, ankles, or back, the Hokas may be a good shoe for you, pending doctor and/or PT approval. If you really want to be running when you are really old, then the Hokas are probably a good choice for you. Verdict: Quality shoe that you will probably love!

Tim Mosbacher is a RErun Ambassador for 2017/2018. We asked him to test out a pair of the SAXX Underwear and tell us what he thought. You can read more of his reviews and stories from running here

Courtesy of Tim Mosbacher

A few months ago I was doing a little shopping at the Runner’s Edge and posed an issue to salesman Forrest Boughner.  I was wearing out the liners of my running shorts faster than normal, and running shorts have been getting more expensive every year.  He suggested purchasing SAXX underwear and using these as a replacement for the liner.  He divulged a little personal information—he was now wearing SAXX underwear and was liking them.  Forrest and I usually do not discuss our underwear choices so I thought they must be good!

 Fast forward to this month and I am now on my second pair of SAXX underwear.  Forrest was correct.  They are a cheaper replacement to purchasing all-new running shorts, and they are the most comfortable underwear you can buy.

 I initially did not even wear the first pair for running.  SAXX were so comfortable I started wearing them as my go-to comfortable wear.  Their moisture wicking and anti-microbial properties create a situation where you do not sweat during normal wear, which eliminates odors.  The most noticeable feature when you first put them on is the “ballpark pouch.”  SAXX promotes the pouch as a “3D hammock shaped pouch which is designed for contact free support.”  The pouch prevents heat and chafing from skin-against-skin friction.

Courtesy of Tim Mosbacher

 With the second pair I removed the liners from my old damaged shorts and wore the SAXX boxer brief as the “liner.”  Despite high heat conditions, I had no chafing and very little moisture in the front (some in the rear) due to the pouch.  The legs did not ride up much for me and to be honest I never even felt them on any of the test runs. 

 Sizing seems accurate as I normally wear a 30-inch waist pant and the tested briefs were a small with the advertised waist of 30-32.  In the future I would like to test out a XS and compare as they are rated 27-29. 

 The “elephant in the room” with SAXX briefs would be the cost.  They are priced at $38 a pair. After a few months of wearing my first pair, they look the same as the day I purchased them.  I have been able to run in shorts that I would have relegated to the trash bin, saving hundreds of dollars on new shorts with liners.  It seems $38 is a good investment.

What are rundies? Why day-of-the-week running undies! As the maker, Oiselle, says, now you can wear your workouts! What else is there to say? Stop by the Runners Edge to check them out!

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