Well, we’d like to win the Montana Cup this year! Montana Cup is a cross country race and teams are taken from the seven major cities in Montana. There is a masters, open and junior division and the race rotates between each of these cities every year. Missoula’s had a history of winning in the past but with the last race in Billings, we had a weak showing. This year the race takes place in Great Falls and Missoula needs to show the rest of Montana who has the best runners! Interested? This race is for all levels and we’d love to see you there!

MT Cup Sat 10/29/11 in Great Falls, MT

·         For any details left out below & for registration, click HERE

·         Men run @ 12pm & Women run @ 1pm

·         Distance of race will be between 5K & 8K

·         Race will be run @ Anaconda Hills Course in Black Eagle

·         Bus transport will be provided & cost will be $10 per person

·         Race will be scored in traditional cross country method

·         Each of 7 MT towns are represented & competing against each other

·         Although only the first 5 on each team score & top 7 count for place – participation is open & unlimited

·         There will be workouts tailored to MT Cup event
(Friday @ 12pm @ Kim Williams 4th Street trailhead, Tuesday Track & Saturday morning runs from the RE)

·         Please direct questions to Meg Lerch, Anders Brooker, Pat Cross, Jenny Newton, Andy Tucknott, or the Runners Edge

Well it’s officially winter! Our nice, temperate fall gave way to a blustery first week of winter and we definitely felt it at the Turkey Day 8k on Thanksgiving morning. (For all of you who participated, kudos to you! I am always amazed at the number of runners and walkers we get at these freezing events. Read more

Take two holidays just one month apart, add a work party, two neighborhood Christmas parties and that pie you receive each year from Aunt Sue, and you officially have an extra layer of winter chub to keep you warm for the season. Read more

I try to do my best, honestly. I recycle my soda cans and all of the shoe boxes we get at the Runners Edge. We also reuse paper (did you make too many copies of your race sign-up form? Don’t worry – we use the back!) and wash my clothes in cold water. But sometimes I’ll catch myself driving to the track workouts on Tuesday. For some of you, that’s just fine but I only live a half mile away from Dornblaser. Read more