Happy 4.06 day!

During these times, we are especially grateful to live in a state with access to open spaces and beautiful views right from the front door. In honor of The Treasure State, RE Events and Run Wild Missoula are challenging you to shape your run in a Montana theme.

What This Means

Using a GPS or a smartphone, create a route that resembles something Montana related.  Your route could look like an elk, a bear, a map of Montana — it’s up to you! Create your route anywhere, as long as you are obeying traffic laws, respecting private property, and practicing proper social distancing.  The participant with our favorite Montana-themed route will win a Runner’s Edge gift card.  


  1. Record your activity using a GPS watch or Smartphone.  For participants using a smartphone, activities can be recorded on apps like MapMyRun or Strava.
  2. Once the activity is recorded and uploaded onto your phone, take a screenshot of your masterpiece.
  3. Post the photo of your drawing to your Instagram or Facebook story or feed.
  4. Tag @runnersedgemt, @runwildmissoula and use hashtags #morethanrun and #laceemup!

Please have your artwork submitted by Sunday, April 12th at 6:00pm.  Happy drawing!

Lacking artistic inspiration? Visit Strava Art to view some impressive GPS drawings.


It’s our goal at The Runner’s Edge to create opportunities for our community to engage in responsible recreation and stay connected with one another during this difficult moment. Staying active, engaged, and connected has a positive impact on both our mental and physical health. This has incredible value in these uncertain times. Of course, nothing is as important as stopping the spread of the COVID-19 virus. With this in mind, all participants in this challenge must practice proper social distancing. This includes running or walking alone (unless with those from your home), keeping a 6’ distance from ALL people you encounter along the way, and letting people know you are coming up behind them to give them time to step to the side of the path. Also, please avoid busier times of day by running or walking earlier or later in the day. If somewhere looks too crowded – please go somewhere else!

Questions? Email adam@runnersedgemt.com