So, you made a New Year’s resolution to get into running. Or maybe to get back into running. Or perhaps to consider getting into running. First of all, CONGRATS! This blog, and each blog post over the next four weeks, is for YOU. They will contain a bit of motivation and some helpful tips and tricks so that you can experience what makes running so much fun! This week, we’ll dive into how to stick with running and also troubleshoot some common problems.

Stick with it

Enjoying some trails near Missoula

Let us begin by saying that you made the best New Year’s resolution possible (at least we like to think so!). Running is so much more than a way to get in shape or stay active. Running is happiness, running is friends, running is challenge, running is perseverance, and running is community. But depending on where you’re starting at, it might not feel like that. Running might feel intimidating, overwhelming, scary, or just plain not-fun. We hear you! And know that everyone has been there before. But we’re also here to tell you that IT GETS BETTER!

If you ask someone “when does running get easy?”, you will get a wide range of responses. But one that prevails is that you need to get in a few weeks of consistently getting out the door. Not only does this help your new habit stick, but it also gives your body time to adapt to the new challenges it is facing each run. After a month of consistent running, you will be shocked at how much more capable your body is of comfortably getting through a run. If we could give one piece of advice to a new runner, it would be to stick with it! Running gets better. We promise. In fact, it even gets FUN. Start with the goal of sticking to running for two weeks. After that, give it another two weeks. Enjoy the process!

Make running comfortable

You’re out the door doing the thing – running! – but you can’t help but notice how uncomfortable you are. Things are rubbing and now you’re chaffing, your feet hurt, and you’re not warm enough. Our advice here is simple: don’t suffer! You can easily make running a LOT more comfortable.

Problem: Chaffing in funny places
Solution: Bodyglide or Squirrel’s Nut Butter

Either of these peculiar sounding products are a DREAM when the chaffing starts. Think Vaseline, but less goopy and stain-prone. Anti-chafe products are applied similar to deodorant and lubricate your skin so you don’t chafe. Some folks use them every run, others use them just on particularly long runs or in certain weather. Either way, don’t chafe, use lube!

No chafing, wahoo!

Problem: Uncomfortable clothes (and maybe more chaffing)
Solution: Comfy clothes (including socks!)

Invest in quality shorts, tops, socks, and for the ladies, bras. Opt for non-cotton materials that will wick moisture to keep you climate controlled and comfy. We have plenty of running-specific clothing in store and would be happy to walk you through the options. Runner’s Edge carries a wide range of sizes, and are always happy to order in any size we may not have. Our staff also LOVES running socks, and believes that a pair of quality running socks will make a huge difference on your run. Plus, less chaffing on your feet! (see the theme here?)

Problem: Feet hurt (sore arches, jammed toes, chaffing, etc)
Solution: Properly fitting shoes made for running

Everyone’s least favorite problem, but our favorite solution! Foot pain or discomfort is the worst. We help people overcome this every day at Runner’s Edge. Proper fitting footwear is tremendously important. Drop by the store and we can help determine what kind of running shoe might be best for you, look into orthotics if necessary, and try on some different shoes to get the best fit possible. We LOVE helping make feet happy, and hopefully we can make yours happy too! You can read more about our fit process here.

Even in the winter, you can run (or walk) happily and comfortably!