Virtual Challenge: The Jumbo Hill Climb

What a crazy past few weeks we have had. The COVID-19 pandemic has caused an enormous amount of uncertainty in our lives.  As runners in Missoula, we are fortunate to be able to enjoy beautiful open spaces during a time of quarantine and social distancing.

With races postponed, restaurants and bars closed, and schools being shut down, there isn’t a whole lot going on anymore! Fortunately for us Missoulians, Mount Jumbo reopened this past Sunday!

This week, RE Events and Run Wild Missoula want to challenge you to head up the reopened Mt. Jumbo! Whether you’re chasing the fastest time, a personal best, or making your first summit, make an effort to climb Mt. Jumbo by this Sunday, March 29th. While anyone can join in on the fun, the best way to get involved is to create a Strava account and join the Runner’s Edge Strava Club. Follow the designated route below (RE Jumbo Hill Climb Strava Segment) and see your results along with everyone else that participated!

Once this pandemic has passed and we are allowed to be within 6 feet of one another, come down to the Runner’s Edge to receive your real-life high five!

Anyone who beats Anders’s record of 21:28 will receive a virtual hug from Anders.


  1. Follow the route (more information below)
  2. Run, walk, skip, jump up to the summit*
  3. Take a summit selfie and tag @runnersedgemt, @runwildmissoula, and use the hashtags #MoreThanRun and #LaceEmUp!
  4. Have fun and be safe! Happy social distance-(run)-ing! 

*Be sure to follow all CDC guidelines for social distancing. On the trails, make plenty of room when passing and stay at least 6 feet from other people.


From the Cherry Street Trailhead, follow the wide path up, take the first switchback and continue to where the ‘L’ Trail singletrack begins.  Follow the singletrack to the ‘L’ and continue on to the summit of Mount Jumbo.  Start your watch at the Cherry Street Trailhead and finish a the summit.  Good luck and don’t forget to take a photo!

Click the page below for more information about the route and to view the leaderboard.