Compression has recently been saturating the running world. We see athletes wearing it during a run, after a run, at the work desk or even on the airplane. What’s up with compression and is it worth the purchase?

Compression, and compression socks specifically, were originally made to help diabetics improve their circulation. Over the years, these socks have been updated and have become more popular with athletes. The compression in these socks not only helps improve circulation, but the increased blood flow creates more oxygen in the area, helping with recovery in the muscles. With more oxygen flowing through the area, we can feel much better after our hard runs (think long runs, workouts and races). They’re also a great tool to keep the calves warm during colder days and can possibly help with shin splints and other lower leg issues.

If you’ve ever experienced cramping, tired muscles or achy legs, maybe it’s time to invest in some compression. Although we primarily discussed compression socks, compression can also be found in shorts or full length tights if you’re having other leg issues (hip, hamstring, and glutes). If you have more questions about compression, please feel free to stop in and talk to anyone about this product. We’ve all tried compression in some capacity and would love to answer any questions you may have.

Happy Running!