Take two holidays just one month apart, add a work party, two neighborhood Christmas parties and that pie you receive each year from Aunt Sue, and you officially have an extra layer of winter chub to keep you warm for the season. Unfortunately, a few added pounds is the last thing we want anytime of the year. So to keep the extra calories off, here are a few ideas to help stay somewhat svelt this Christmas:

1. Remember to eat breakfast. This helps us to not feel famished by 11am. And by eating a morning meal, especially one with protein, you’ll help jumpstart your metabolism. I promise, it’s a great way to start the day.

2. Prioritize exercise. Holidays can get busy but nothing makes me feel better than getting out to exercise. If that means waking up a half hour earlier, I’ll do it. I know it sounds cheesy, but it makes me feel normal and helps me get through the day. And of course, it helps keep the extra pounds off.

3. Snack. My mom always told me never to snack before dinner but that’s not what I mean. By snacking throughout the day, you won’t get the munchies by 3pm. And of course, I mean healthy snacks. Think a big bowl of fruit or trail mix. These small, 100 calorie snacks keep us going and help us not over-indulge at our next meal.

4. Drink! (Water, that is). I have a friend who absolutely loves hot toddies. And I admit, they’re pretty good. But they’re also pretty high in calories. Remember to keep your alcohol consumption low this holiday season. No one pays attention to how much you drink at parties (unless you have one too many – then everyone notices) so don’t feel bad if you have a glass of water in between beers/wine/mixers.