Name: Kiefer Uli Hahn

Age: 38

Number of Years Running: I’ve been a runner for 30 years! Wow! Haven’t thought about that until now.

Occupation: Co-Owner of Momentum Athletic Training. I guess that makes me a “trainer.”

Favorite Race: Don’t Fence Me In 30K. Why? Great network of trails in Helena, and the money goes to a land trust.

Currently Training For: To be a worthy pacer for my good friend Mike Wolfe. He’s running the Western States 100M on June 25th. I need to be running strong for him during the second half of the race. Not sure what’s next!?

Favorite Pastime: Mountain biking with good friends, nordic and alpine skiing with my family, and jumping on the trampoline with my son Felix.

Favorite Quote:
“The real race is within yourself.”

Words of Wisdom: Don’t take running too seriously. It’s one of many things in life to be enjoyed. Enjoy it and you will be successful.

Anything Else? Yes. There’s so much advice out there about how to run faster, stronger, longer, etc. It’s all a trial and error process. Enjoy that process. Figure out what to change and change it. Don’t get stuck in that classic “runner’s rut!”

*Side note: Congrats to Kiefer for winning the challenging Pengelly Double Dip and setting a new course record!