NameDarr Tucknott


HometownMissoula Montana (well, I am from Scottsbluff, Nebraska originally but now I claim Missoula!)

Miles Run Per WeekAround 40 miles

Currently Training ForThis year I decided to run all the Run Wild Missoula races, so I’m training for those.  I thought it would be a fun goal and a good way to experience the variety of races RWM hosts.  I plan to do the half Marathon during the Missoula Marathon weekend.

Favorite Race or Run: For a run, my favorite place is running up the Rattlesnake whether it be from the Runners Edge or the main trailhead.  For a race, the Boston Marathon and the Missoula Marathon are my favorites.

Words of WisdomOne of the main reasons I have always ran is because of the great friends you can make through the sport.  The social aspect can really keep you going, especially on those days going for a run seems tough!  I really appreciate the running community in Missoula, and it keeps me motivated to keep running.  I would encourage others to find a training class, group run, or just a running friend that you can share running with.