Name: Tommi Burton

Age: 59

Hometown: Missoula, MT

Years I’ve Run: 32

Miles Per Week: It’s been a long time since I’ve kept track of mileage per week.  In the spring/summer/fall, I do long mountain runs so I accumulate more mileage.  In the winter the mileage drops off, and I go into “maintenance” mode. I find not keeping track of mileage reduces the pressure to always think I have to run every day regardless of how I feel.  I believe this philosophy has helped to promote my running longevity.

Favorite Run/Race: My favorite race is the Bighorn 30K.  As far as favorite runs, it’s a toss up between MT Sentinel, Blue Mountain or MT Jumbo.  I love them all!!

Highlight of Running: I’ve run 5 marathons with a personal best of 3:50. That qualified me for the 100th Boston which I ran at the age of 44.

Words of Wisdom: “The best way to keep running or exercising year after year is to take it one day at a time.”