Name: Kelly Webster

Age: 35

Hometown: I grew up in Escondido, California, then moved to Indiana for college (go Irish!) and eventually to Santa Cruz (go Banana Slugs!). I gravitated to Oregon and thought I’d settle there when Missoula (er, a boy) lured me to move to Montana in 2008. Now I at home here (and married to the boy).

Miles Run Per Week: 50-60 miles per week, almost entirely on trails when they are accessible. I’m a wimp on the roads.

How Many Years Have You Been Running: 21 years, which is hard for me to believe! I went on my first run with my mom, who I saw as some kind of superhero when she’d “go for a run,” and I became a runner by default since it was the one thing I could do with grace rather than awkwardness.

Currently Training For: I just finished training for the 2012 Old Gabe/Jim Bridger 50k, which I expect will be spectacular with wildflowers and pain. 11,000′ of climbing guarantees both, I guess.

Favorite Run or Race: 2011 Bridger Ridge Run. Rhea at Momentum helped me train, and I count the experience as one of the best in my life. I cried at the finish. I like the person I become when I am on trail and pushing just beyond the edge of my ability. I’m proud of that version of myself, and wish I could be her more often.

Biggest Accomplishment: Oh, wow. I don’t know. I hope this one still is ahead of me, like becoming a mom, maybe running a 50 miler, or inventing a way to get all my nutrients from peanut butter alone.

Words of Wisdom:
My Dog—You’re going running today without me. Really? Totally unacceptable behavior.
My Dad—A day without bacon is like a day without sunshine.
Bob Hayes, after this year’s Double Dip events—Rest? What’s that?
Mine—People can learn/train for/do anything with world enough and time.

Anything Else You Would Like to Add: I think The Runner’s Edge, Run Wild Missoula, and Momentum create a humongous G-force of goodwill that sucks in all of Missoula’s best folks. Thanks, Missoula, for welcoming me.