NameEileen Robbins


Hometown: I grew up in Helena, Montana and after living in several other states relocated back to Montana in 2000 when I settled in my favorite Montana town, Missoula.

When Did You Start RunningI started running in 1979 and have run more or less consistently since then.  I have run 9 Marathons and one Ultra (LeGrizz, 1982).  My last Marathon was Pikes Peak in 1992;  it was the hardest race I have ever run and may be
part of the reason I quit Marathons.

Currently Training ForI am thinking of running a Marathon this year — Madison Marathon and/or Two Bear Marathon.  I don’t think my legs would tolerate a road Marathon – I need the cushioning of trails. My favorite run is the Eleven Miles to Paradise.  The trail is spectacular and the hills manageable.

Biggest AccomplishmentMy biggest accomplishment was running the Billings Marathon in 3H 37min, in 1983 (I think).  That is my fastest marathon time.

Words of Wisdom:  If I had known 30 years ago that I would be running in my 60’s, I would have run smarter over the years. NEVER give up on running (unless you no longer have fun doing it);  I have more fun running now than I did years ago — the pressure is definitely off!

Anything Else You Would Like to AddThe folks at Runners Edge are a gift to Missoula.  Their words of wisdom and encouragement never end.  Thanks.