Name: Andy Drobeck  

Hometown: East Lansing, MI

Occupation: City of Missoula Firefighter

Miles Run Per Week: 30-65 depending on what I’m training for.

Currently Training For: The Seattle firefighter staiclimb is up next, but my main focus is Ironman Texas 70.3 where I like to win my age group and qualify for the 70.3 world championship outside Vegas in the fall.  Its all about the Tri’s this year and if the world doesn’t end then maybe I’ll focus on a winter marathon in 2013.

Favorite Race or Run: My favorite runs are usually trail runs because they’re the only runs I do where I don’t have to focus on my watch, paces, etc.  I can just run and let the terrain do its work on me.

Personal Best (in whatever race you choose – OR highest accomplishment in running): Marathon PR 2:32:16 at Rock n Roll Arizona 2012, but my biggest accomplishment running was probably my first marathon which was the 2006 Montana marathon in Billings.  I had never done a race of any distance before that, used a training program out of Runners World, and didn’t know anything about fueling.  I didn’t drink anything or take any gels during the race.  I was the quintessential first timer, but I managed to run a 2:48:00 and finished 3rd.

Words of Wisdom For Other Runners: Only seek words of wisdom from people who are wise.

Anything Else You Would Like to Add: Winter sucks.