NameRenate Bush


Miles Run Per Week:Depends what I am training for:  25-55+

Currently Training For:Bighorn 50 miler

Favorite RacesBoston (the scene), Blue Mountain (fave trail run, thus far)

Favorite Run: Anything up Mount Sentinal.  I love the way it changes with the seasons.  Right not the arrow-leaf balsam root is starting to bloom…gorgeous.

What Motivates You to RunMy friends, my dog, endorphins…enjoy seeing how my body responds to training and racing.

Favorite Things Outside of RunningSpending time with my kids, triathlon, skiing, gardening, mountain/road riding, anything outdoors.

Words of WisdomSo much of running and how you perform is what is going on in your head.  Try to keep a positive attitude when racing.

Anything Else You Would Like to Add:  Have a nutritional plan for endurance events in the heat.  This year, Boston was really hot.  I made sure I took electrolytes, shot blocks (with sodium), and gatorade before and during the race.  While running, I squirreled away large quantities of ice in my sports bra (no kidding). Besides helping to keep my core cool, it provided ice chips for my mouth and both hands, which made me feel even cooler.  I also doused my head every mile with lots of water.

*Thanks, Renate! You’re an inspiration and a wonderful addition to our running community.