Name: Andy Tucknott

Age: Don’t Worry About It

Hometown: Lincoln, NE – at the time it was the center of the universe for college football.

Mileage Per Week: 8-14 miles, 1 Saturday run & a Tuesday workout if I am lucky.

Currently Training For: Recruiting for MT CUP – a great day of running & a chance to get to run as a team with your fellow runners of Missoula.

Favorite Run or Race: Missoula Mile & MT Cup

What Motivates You To Run: I enjoy the camaraderie of running & enjoy watching & helping others achieve their goals – like doing repeats on the indoor track with Dean Lipp so he can run a PR of 4.50 in the mile @ 50 years old.

One of the reasons I enjoy the MT Cup so much is in Missoula we have such a depth of talented runners & great people in the running community, travelling together & running as a team gives them a chance to connect & get to know each other.
I hate running on a trail & seeing someone and not knowing who they are or hearing that runners don’t know who another runner is.

I like getting young & old, fast & slow, fat & skinny all together because what I know is going for a jog is a great way to build a relationship with someone.

Words of Wisdom:

1. Tim Tucknott in writing to me on my 18th birthday:
“You will always make better decisions at the end of a 10 mile run than when thinking of running 10 miles.”

2.     Yogi Berra – you really should read the whole book:
“When you come to a fork in the road take it.”

3.     Billy The Kid – This one hangs outside my office.
“You’ve got to test yourselves every day boys.  You stop testing yourself, that’s when you become slow & that’s when they kill you.”

Anything Else You Would Like to AddI want to congratulate Runners Edge on reaching many of its goals from a few years ago. Your organization is the nerve center to the Missoula running community that you dreamed of. Nothing happens in Missoula running without you – keep up the good work & we are all thankful for you being there for us.