Name: Margie Menendez

Age: 49

Miles Run Per Week: It depends on the week… I always try to get in one long run, one speed workout (track or tempo), and 2 or 3 fun runs

How Long Have You Been Running: I started running when I was 13! That’s a long time; too bad I never kept track of my miles!

Currently Training For: A double header to commemorate turning 50.. Marine Corps Marathon (October 28th) and the New York Marathon (November 4th)!

Favorite Run or Race: Anything that involves dirt, rocks, and hopefully, not falling.

Most Memorable Experience Running: Finishing my first marathon – the 2007 Missoula Marathon. My family, including my then 82 year old dad from Georgia, waited for me at the finish line, in the heat. Believe me – they waited a long time!

Words of Wisdom: I’m not that old or wise! But here are a few pearls…

-Always carry a little cash so you won’t feel stupid making a pit stop at a convenience store.

-Don’t dart across a  busy street. You might trip and fall down 🙁

-Contrary to what I have always thought, hills won’t really kill you (no one has ever exploded!).

-When your running buddy says “It’s not too much farther”, demand to see a map!

-When in doubt, compress it!

Anything Else You Would Like to Add: SMILE! IT’S SUPPOSED TO BE FUN!