NameSteve Brown    

Age:  53 (thoroughly enjoying my midlife crisis).

Hometown:  Missoula the last 20 years but originally from Tacoma, Washington.

Miles Run Per Week:  60 to 80, almost all on trails with as many hills as possible.

Currently Training ForWasatch 100, and a run across the Bob Marshall Wilderness.

Biggest Accomplishment:  Finishing Cascade Crest last year was great, but nothing will ever top running (at that point a relative term) the last mile of the Bighorn 100 this year and crossing the finish line together with my daughter Meaghen.  It’s times like that when the moment matters much more than the clock.

Words of Wisdom:  It never always gets worse.  Seriously.  Having only started running ultras two years ago, I’m no veteran, but I’ve discovered that every long race seems to have a point about a third of the way into it that I’m pretty much done with running forever.  Then suddenly that dark place magically passes, life returns, the rest of the race is great, and when it’s done, the good parts are what linger.  And falling while running can be great fun.

Favorite Run or Race:  The best runs are just being out with a group of friends on some random adventure run up the Rattlesnake or in some other Montana mountains.  My favorite training run is the North Hills – Wood’s Gulch – Sidewinder – Jumbo loop.  Fabulous views and a little bit of everything that’s amazing about Missoula trail running.  My favorite road race will always be the Missoula Marathon.

Anything Else You’d Like to Add I have a lot of running heroes.  They all seem to call Missoula home