As we’ve mentioned before, we love profiling runners who are role models in our community. They motivate, inspire and lead by example, even when they may not know they are doing it. Laurie Johnson embodies this to the fullest and continues to amaze us not just as a runner but a person. Thank you, Laurie for continuing to inspire us.

Name: Laurie Johnson

Age: 55

Hometown: Born in Sioux Falls, SD but grew up in Missoula.

Age You Started Running: 14

Why Did You Start Running? I always loved playground races and beating the boys as a young girl! I was trying to decide between cross country and basketball my freshman year in high school and my mom suggested cross country. She is very influential!

Road, Track, or Trails? Mostly road and track.

Group Run or Solo? Both. I enjoy running with friends; they help me stay with it on the tough days and just make it more fun. But sometimes losing yourself in your thoughts on a solo run is good too.

Favorite Running Memory: Wow, so many. Breaking 5 minutes in the mile in high school for the first time is right up there, but probably winning the State AA cross country title my freshman year is the top memory. Mom gives good advice!

Miles Run Per Week: Varies a lot but currently averaging in the 50’s.

Currently Training For: Boston Marathon

Favorite Pre-Race Meal: Oatmeal or toast.

What Motivates You? I am motivated by the things I love. As far as running goes, it is essential for my physical, mental, and emotional health. I can tell if I need to go for a run!

Anything Else You’d Like to Add: I took a long hiatus from running after being very competitive in high school, college, and beyond. The past couple of years have been amazing as I have become involved with Run Wild Missoula, the training classes and races, and I have made the most wonderful friends. I can’t adequately thank RWM and the friendly, encouraging, knowledgeable staff at The Runner’s Edge for the support they’ve given me.