Evie Tate put on a show at the Treadmill Challenge pulling away dramatically in the last four minutes. In 2018 she finished 4th in the Missoula Marathon, and won the Elk Ramble. Evie is also in her second year of Physical Therapy school.
Name: Evie Tate
Hometown: Spartanburg, SC
What brought you to Missoula? I moved here for physical therapy school and the goal is to stay here once I graduate.  I love the proximity of the mountains and also, have yet to find a pizza better than Biga’s so I can’t ever leave!
How long have you been running? I have been running competitively on a team for 11-12 years but really have been going on runs for fun pretty much as long as I can remember.
You ran for a very competitive Clemson program. What has the transition been like from collegiate running with a coach and a team, to running for yourself? Though I loved having the opportunity to live out a dream and compete at the collegiate level, I have really enjoyed competing for myself on my own terms.  I thought I would take an extended break from running once I finished, but I sort of fell back in love with the sport again.  Moving here has been a fun challenge running and training for longer trail races (and the occasional treadmill competition) rather than a fast 5K on the track.
What’s been your favorite thing about the Missoula running community? I love all the people I have met so far! That is another thing I love about Missoula is how large the running community is.  It makes the races seem more like a social event rather than a stressful competition.
What are you training for this year? I will be running the Bitterroot Runoff and am a part of a relay team for the Hootenanny 100K.  I may try to find a faster road marathon later in the year.
Thanks Evie! Good luck this summer!