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The Frozen Feet Challenge is BACK!

We know reaching fitness goals in the winter can be challenging, but it’s always better with friends and community support! That’s why we are bringing back the Frozen Feet Challenge. This year, the challenge will take place form Feb 1st to Feb 28th. We challenge you to run, walk, or hike at least one mile […]

Utilizing Cross Training for Winter Running Training

By: Andrew Traver, PT, DPT With summer running events looming, some runners may be initiating the early stages of their offseason training programs. Proper preparation is key for those who are expecting to participate in a running event(s), both for elevating personal performance and reducing the risk of injury along the way. While training programs can be well-intentioned, […]

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Choosing the Right Traction Device

When the snow flies in Montana, the roads, sidewalks, and trails get icy, snowy, and slippery – FAST. We’ve had a lot of snow already this season and roads and trails are nice and icy. If you’re like us, you want to be able to safely run and walk outside all winter long. To help […]

How to Reduce Running Injuries in 2023

By: John Fiore, PT Winter in Montana can be a challenging time for runners in Montana. Winter is an excellent time to reflect on the past year and set realistic goals for the coming year. Winter in the time for runners to follow a solid strength training routine, build base miles, and partake in the many winter […]