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Performance Benefits of Heat Acclimation for Athletes

By: Adison Cook, SPT Summers in Missoula continue to get warmer and for many that means setting the alarm earlier for their workouts. However, research shows that heat training can be very beneficial in preparation for races and overall exercise performance. Perhaps hitting snooze and moving your exercise plans to a warmer time of day […]

Exercise during smoke season

Just when we thought we’d dodged smoke season, the smoke has arrived. When the smoke rolls in, we get a lot of questions and comments about exercising outside. We hear everything from “is it safe to run?” to “are there masks I can wear?” and “I’m going outside no matter what!”. There is a seemingly […]

Understanding and Addressing IT Band Pain

By: Benjamin Blakely, PT, DPT, CSCS Whether you enjoy biking, camping, hiking, or trail running, summer is the best time of year to live in Big Sky country and enjoy the outdoors. Here at Sapphire Physical Therapy, we work with a lot of patients who have running-related pains. One of the most common running-related pains […]

Are calf raises the new anti-aging antidote?

By: Bailey Lodato, PT, DPT Manual muscle testing has been a standard clinical measure used to assess muscle forces since the early 1900s by Lovett and Wright (1, 2). Originally developed in response to polio’s impact on muscular strength in children, this grading system has since been cultivated to allow physical therapists the ability to […]

Understanding Knee Osteoarthritis

By: Erin Williams, PT, DPT Knee Osteoarthritis: To run or not to run? We gravitate toward running because of many wonderful benefits. To name a few, running maintains heart, lung, muscle, tendon, and bone density health – and that’s just the body! Running also helps improve mood, reduces stress (boosting the immune system), and gives us […]