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Bitterroot Runoff Recap 2021

Bitterroot Runoff  Recap 2021 We had a beautiful morning at the Bitterroot Runoff Trail Runs this Saturday! Runners got to experience private singletrack outside of Lolo, followed by pancakes, Big Dipper Ice Cream, and Big Sky Beer after the race.    Typically, the Bitterroot Runoff is our first race of the year in mid April. […]

Ice After Injury?

By: Bailey Hewitt, PT, DPT A hot (or rather cold) topic that is often posed within the Sapphire Clinic walls is when and how much to ice after an acute injury. This is a reasonable question as the protocols & principles have morphed quite drastically over the years. RICE In 1978 Dr. Gabe Mirkin created […]

Hot Tips for Running in the Heat

My goodness it is a SCORCHER this week. If you’re like us, you still want to get outside to run, walk, and be merry. Ideally, we can get outside before the sun is high in the sky blasting down on us. But if you must run in the heat, here are a few tips! These […]