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Lateral Hip Pain In Runners

By: Holly Warner, PT, DPT Training errors, along with certain running biomechanics, place us at risk for developing a running related injury. Excessive pelvic drop and hip adduction can contribute to an increased risk of developing gluteal tendinopathy or a gluteus medius/minimus muscle strain, especially when we also have exceeded our tissue’s load capacity through […]

How to Choose a Hydration Vest

Summer is fast approaching, and that means big summer adventures are right around the corner! Whether you’re looking to do a run around town or a day in the mountains, a hydration vest is an integral piece of gear for trail runners and hikers. If you’ve ever looked into buying one, you probably already know […]

Hootenanny 50k and Relay Recap

It seems like once a year, Missoula gets a day where it rains ALL day. This past Sunday was that day. Not to be deterred, Hootenanny 50k and Relay participants came out in force to run through rain, snow and mud. The sun may have been hiding behind dense clouds, but the smiles and laughs […]

The Time to Improve Foot Function is Now

By: John Fiore, PT, owner of Sapphire Physical Therapy The function of the foot The human foot is an evolutionary marvel. The human foot contains twenty-six bones, thirty-three joints, and one-hundred ligaments, muscles, and tendons. Humans have the unique ability to walk on two legs (bipedal walking), due in part to the ingenious balance of mobility, […]