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RE Reusable Bags

By: Jeff Mogavero What do you do when you find yourself faced with hundreds of t-shirts that no one wants? After years of events our storage unit was overflowing with unclaimed race t-shirts. Our first thought was to donate the shirts, but no organizations in town needed shirts this year. With a growing mountain of […]


Spring Trail Running Guide

By: Jeff Mogavero After a long winter spent scurrying along icy roads and snowy trails, the warm embrace of spring is a welcome phenomena here in Montana. The snow line continues to flee up the mountainsides as temperatures continue to creep higher and higher. The presence of dry ground and dark ribbons of singletrack sends […]

Sapphire PT Corner: Bone Stress Injuries and RED-S in Female Runners

Evie Tate, PT, DPT Sapphire Physical Therapy Bone stress injuries (BSI) or “stress fractures” are one of the more common running-related injuries seen in female runners (1,2). These injuries occur when our bones are broken down faster than they can be rebuilt.  There are a few reasons why runners are more susceptible to BSIs, some […]

Evidence for Exercise

By: Evie Tate, PT, DPT at Sapphire Physical Therapy Have you ever had an overuse injury like a tendinopathy (also known as tendinitis)? A common misconception about this injury is that rest is the most important piece to recovery. Though rest is important, it is not the most important part of your recovery. While adjusting […]

Winter Running Safety

Montana is notorious for dark, cold winters. One of the best ways to fight off the wintertime blues is to get outside and stay active!  Stay Warm We get a lot of questions about the best way to stay warm on wintertime runs. The answer? Layers, layers, layers! Start from the bottom up with a […]

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Frozen Feet Challenge 2021

Frozen Feet 2021 January 1st – 31st Congrats! We had a group of 714 participants that logged over 40,000 miles in this year’s Frozen Feet Challenge! This means we almost went around the world twice – impressive! For those of you who purchased a Frozen Feet t-shirt, the tees are available for pickup in the […]