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Strength Training and the Older Athlete

By: Rylin Fox, PT, DPT If you are around 35 years old or older, you are now in possession of an “aging body” that requires a little extra TLC (tender loving care) to continue operating like it did only a few years ago. As we age, there are many well-known natural and normal changes that affect many […]

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Halloween Scavenger Haunt 10/29!

The Runner’s Edge Halloween Scavenger Haunt is BACK! This spooky scavenger hunt is a celebration of local businesses, great costumes, our awesome community, and Halloween of course! Meet at the Dram Shop at 6:00pm on Friday the 29th ready to run/walk around Missoula in your best costume. We’ll give everyone a list of riddles. Solve […]

Improve Foot Function to Reduce Injury Risk

By: John Fiore, PT As runners, our feet take a beating.  The human foot is designed with locomotion in mind. Healthy foot function hinges on a balance of mobility, strength, and support. When one of these three necessary components is compromised, injury risk increases.  Foot Anatomy Understanding the foot and how to avoid a few […]

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2021 Blue Mountain 30k Recap

By Adam Peterman The Blue Mountain 30k went off with surprisingly great weather last week! Smoky skies on Saturday were pushed out by a front that brought rain and wind on Saturday night. Fortunately for us, the forecasted rain for Sunday didn’t come to fruition, and runners enjoyed perfect weather for running. Temperatures stayed in […]

Tips for Battling Shin Splints

By: Evie Tate, PT, DPT Shin splints, more formerly known as “medial tibial stress syndrome”, is a common overuse injury seen in runners. It is characterized by pain along the inside of the shin (tibia), typically in the area closer to your ankle, that can be present in one or both legs. Here are some […]


Rut Shoe Roundup

Summer is flying by and we’re just a month out from the Rut Mountain Runs. We couldn’t be more excited! The rugged courses at the Rut are notorious for how hard they are on shoes. The RE staff rounded up some of our favorites that we think will be a good fit for the rocky, […]