Meet the newest member on our staff, Forrest Boughner. Forrest comes with prior experience from working at Run Flagstaff, a specialty run store located in (yep, you guessed it) Flagstaff, AZ. He also raced competitively in college at Birmingham-Sourthern College in Alabama. Welcome, Forrest. We’re excited to have you part of our team!photo

Name: Forrest Boughner

Age: 28

Hometown: Flagstaff, AZ

Currently Living: Yes

Miles Run Per Week: 70

Currently Training For: US Sky Running Championships and the US Snowshoe Championships

Favorite Race or Run: I love “running” ridgelines. It’s technically engaging and anytime I need a break there are plenty of great views.

Favorite Activity Outside of Running: Reading (closet nerd)

Do You Prefer Running on Roads or Trails? Trails! (and beyond)

Run Solo or With A Group? One or two good friends.

Words of Wisdom: Keep it fun. It’s too easy to take running beyond the point of joy. If you’re not going to enjoy running then why live in Montana?

Anything Else You’d Like to Add: I hiked 3100 miles of the Continental Divide Trail with my wife. Nothing says blisters like southern New Mexico.

Name: Alan McCormick

Age: 46

Hometown: Radford, VA, though after 22 years in Montana, it might as well be Missoula.

Currently Living: Missoula, MT

Miles Run Per Week: I like to average 20-30. More if I’m training for something specific, less whenever someone uses the words “pizza” and “beer” in a complete sentence.

Currently Training For: I’ve wanted to do the Sweathouse Half Marathon in September, but have an above-average aversion to training in the summer heat. The Spokane Half in October is a more realistic goal. It’s time to address my mild disdain for hills.

Favorite Race or Run: The Missoula Marathon and Half Marathon. I’ve run each twice. Few things are as exhilarating as making that final turn onto the Higgins Bridge, seeing the crowd, and finding one last kick to the finish line. Plus it’s not just a race. It’s an entire weekend of camaraderie with runners from around the world who get to experience the community I enjoy every day.

Favorite Thing to do (Other Than Running): In my spare time I am a beer writer covering the Montana brewing industry at my own site and for the Rocky Mountain Brewing News. People have a strong connection with their local breweries and I enjoy telling their stories.

What Age Did You Start Running: 40. I spent my first 39 years making snide comments about runners. It’s odd, but I got into running specifically because I hated it. With age 40 approaching, I made a commitment to improve my fitness. It turns out it’s a proven scientific fact that no reasonable person can endure an elliptical machine for more than six minutes. I kept eyeing the treadmill despite flashbacks to forced runs during high school soccer. I decided I had to kick running’s tail. Six months later I ran my first race, the 2010 Missoula Half Marathon.

Words of Wisdom: With running, I alone am responsible for my successes and failures and no one else gets to tell me how to feel about either.

Anything Else You’d Like To Add: We are fortunate in Missoula to have Run Wild Missoula and the Runner’s Edge. Many running clubs and stores preach inclusion, but Run Wild and Runner’s Edge deliver the goods. Every runner and walker from the elites to the beginners gets the same level of respect and assistance and I am a grateful recipient of that.

As runners we cherish exploring beautiful trails, running with friends and testing our limits. When we decide to become parents, part of us becomes afraid that we will lose not only our identity as a runner but also our freedom, dreams and goals. In this month’s coaching article, I relay my experience how I overcame diversity to rekindle my running passion and spirit.

Running Mama: An interview with Nicole Hunt
By Jessie Thomasnicole1

Nighttime and early morning wake ups, playdates, consoling big emotions, virus swapping, meals to make, lunches to pack, diapers, driving young people hither and yon, homework to help with, piles of laundry, teeth to brush, and late nights prepping so the next day doesn’t eat your lunch before it even starts. This is just a small list of the responsibilities parents are subject to on a daily basis. It’s enough to derail the training and racing aspirations of even the most disciplined human. Dear parents, take heart. Nicole Hunt, mother and homeschooler to 3 boys (6 yr old Eon and 3 yr old twins, Roam and Ember) answers a few questions about training, racing, coaching, and living the life you want as a parent and competitor. Nicole is a wealth of information on and off the trails. 1. What was your training and racing before children. Before children, my goal was to try to qualify for another mountain running team. I trained about 60 to 70 mpw with 3 hard workouts per week. I did drills, circuit training, mountain biking up hills hard, xc skiing for the sole purpose of becoming a faster runner. I trained outside nearly every workout and I ran in the mountains just about every weekend when weather permitted. I traveled and competed all over world including Russia, Siberia, Czech Republic, Austria, Nigeria, Turkey, Slovenia, China and South Korea. I felt I was in the best shape of my life at age 36 and even set a few road PR’s at that age, 1 year before becoming pregnant.

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Montana Trail Crew

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Name: Lauren Trent

GetAttachmentAge: 47

Hometown: Sherman Oaks, CA

Currently Living: Missoula, MT

Miles Run Per Week: 20-25

Why Do You Like Running: In addition to keeping fit, running just makes me happy. It feeds my soul, whether I’m running on pavement or tails, and it slows me down. I find myself appreciating the small things in life when I run: spring flowers, beautiful landscapes and architecture, wildlife, etc. I read somewhere that “Running is a grown ups lost link to playing outside,” and for me, this is 100% true.

Currently Training For: Missoula Half Marathon

Favorite Race or Run: Missoula Half Marathon. I’ve completed 1 full, and 5 half marathons to date. By far, my most favorite race is the Missoula Half! The first time I ran it, I was so inspired by the community support that I wrote a 2-page article about the experience afterwards.

Do You Prefer Running Solo or With a Group? I love to run with a group, and some of my best laughs have occurred while running with friends. For those times when a solo run is my only option, I always have a canine “running” buddy with me.

What Age Did You Start Running? 20 years old. I participated in high-school sports (volleyball, basketball & softball), but never tried running. A college friend, who was training for the Los Angeles Marathon back in the late 80’s, encouraged me to give it a try. I’ve been hooked ever since.

Words of Wisdom: Be kind to others, and be thankful for the good things in your life.

Running Advice: When it hurts, listen to your body, and stop. I sidelined myself in the early 90’s when I ran an extra 25 minutes with knee pain. As a result, I ended up training for the Portland Marathon in a swimming pool (aqua jogging) and didn’t hit the pavement until 3-weeks prior to the race while my knee healed.

Anything Else You’d Like to Add: While I’ve lived in a number of cities over the course of my life, Missoula has the BEST running community around. I’ve found that runners of all levels (elite runners, joggers, back-of-the-pack runners) are very welcoming, encouraging, and supportive of each other. Additionally, we have an awesome running store supporting us, and opportunities galore to participate in the sport through Run Wild Missoula. It’s how I met some of my best running buddies!

*SIDE NOTE: We chose Lauren to be our Runner of the Month because she exemplifies what we feel a runner should be like. She works hard but most importantly, she always brightens our day when we see her. Thanks, Lauren, for inspiring us and others in our community!

For years we’ve brought you a spring trail night at The Runners Edge to celebrate all things trail running. Thisyear we have decided to take trail night to the trails in a new venue with a whole new format! This year we bring to you…

The Marshall Mountain Trail Festival! 

We bring to you the latest and greatest trail running products to test on the trails. We BBQ up an amazing meal and provide some local brews. Then we listen to a guru share some wisdom before finishing off the night with a blowout raffle of goodies.

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Information and schedule of events can be found HERE.