TurkeyBingo_website2Back by popular demand, the 5th Annual Turkey Bingo event benefiting The Max Wave will take place at its new location, The Top Hat Lounge, on Sunday, November 8th, 2015 at 6pm

The Max Wave’s Turkey Bingo night has a reputation as one of the most unique and enjoyable nonprofit fundraisers around. Attendees play ten rowdy rounds of Bingo, bid on live auction items including delectable pies and gift baskets, are served a delicious meal created by the Top Hat chef, and show their support for the Max Wave River Enhancement Project. Bingo winners receive a Hutterite turkey, courtesy of The Good Food Store.

The mission of The Max Wave is to transform and enhance a degraded section of the Clark Fork River by creating safe, fun, recreational opportunities that will benefit the Missoula Community. The project is a memorial to Max Lentz, a Hellgate High School student who died in a kayaking accident on the Gauley River in West Virginia in 2007. The Max Wave is subcommittee of Brennan’s Wave, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.

Click HERE for more information and ticket sales.

When: November 7, 2015 @ 6:30 to 9:00PM (Doors open at 6:00)MTCPOSTER

Where: The Wilma Theater

Cost: $10 Advance/$12 Door

Tickets: At The Runners Edge or Online

Montana Trail Crew, a local non-profit trail running and open space advocacy organization, invites you to come down to the newly-renovated Wilma for this 3rd annual end-of-season party celebrating the trails that connect the outdoor community to the wild lands and open spaces so abundant in Montana. Join us for an evening of spectacular trail running film capturing the lure and indescribable sensation of venturing deep into the wild.

Featuring a Montana trail running slideshow with live music by Beargrass Bluegrass Band, video shorts, feature films, and giveaways from product sponsors. Also consider making a weekend out of it. For the second year in a row, Montana Trail Crew and Run Wild Missoula are partnering to make November 7th the biggest day in Missoula trail running. Run in theMount Jumbo Elk Ramble Saturday morning and celebrate at the Mountain Running Film Festival on Saturday night!

Two feature films will be screened along with a handful of Montana inspired short films.  This years feature films come to us from Alaska (3022ft) and New Zealand (Kiwi Tracks).

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We met Sarah earlier this year and had the opportunity to listen to her story and why she started working out. If you know someone that doesn’t think they can run, walk, or be healthy, tell them to think again. Even when we asked her to be our Runner of the Month for November, she kept saying she didn’t deserve to be profiled. We GetAttachment.151445disagree. Thanks for inspiring us, Sarah!
~The Runners Edge

Name: Sarah Eastlund

Age: 35

Hometown: Antelope, MT

Miles Run Per Week: 3-12 depending on my workout schedule.  I haven’t been doing long distance runs the past 2 months as I am working on building up my “new to running” muscles and toning up after losing so much weight. I never thought that long distances would be easier for me, but they are!  Working on my pace and shorter distances proves to be much harder!

Age You Started Running: 35!  March 8th was my first day! (first day of half marathon training class)

Currently Training For: I am doing the Elk Ramble and Turkey 8K in November to finish out my 7 races for a Hoodie! I also have a Spartan Sprint in May and you will see me in March for round 2 of half marathon training!

Favorite Race or Run: Honestly the Missoula Marathon training class was my favorite event in 2015.  I learned more about me and what my body is capable of doing than I ever thought possible.  The people I met were supportive and encouraging and I learned a lot about running.  Going from never running to jumping right in at 5 days a week was interesting!  But the class really guides you through the process and you are ready by the end.  Running a half marathon straight through was a big achievement for me at the end of the training.

What Inspires You to Run? The fact that less than 2 years ago I was told by a doctor that I was too overweight to run inspires me to keep working on my goals and to keep pushing my body to new levels of being active.  Now that I have lost weight and I am able to run I want to keep improving my pace!  My knees are no longer in jeopardy of not holding me up and I feel free when I am running.

Running Solo or With a Group? Group for sure, but I tend to have more runs alone than groups just due to schedules.  Running alone is much harder and takes more mental strength I find.  Running in a group pulls the competitiveness out of me and I refuse to stop!

Favorite Quote: “There is only one person you spend your whole life with, and that is yourself.  If you aren’t ok with you, there is an issue.” Unknown

Words of Wisdom: Wisdom is something I am nowhere near figuring out.  But I do know that life can definitely throw us some curve balls.  And there is nothing wrong with getting sucked into them at times.  But you have to find a way out.  Because life is what we make of it.  And life will never be better unless we make it better.  Moving on from the curve balls will only make us stronger and sometimes you can surprise yourself and find a whole new life that was waiting for you to grab onto and run with.

Anything Else You’d Like to Add: Thank you Runner’s Edge and Run Wild Missoula for taking me in and treating me no different than if I was a long time skilled runner!  I was scared to death to walk in to that store and feeling like I didn’t fit in.  But I quickly felt comfortable and confident there.  The staff is ridiculously amazing!

The Runners Edge 1st Annual Halloween Bingo Scavenger Hunt

What: A Halloween bingo scavenger hunt! Starts at Runners Edge at 5:45pm. The first 50 people to show up receive an Amphipod Pumpkin Vizlet (ok, so what the heck is a VIZLET?!). 

When: Friday, October 30th

Where: Starts at the Runners Edge, ends at the Dram Shop (229 East Front Street)

Start Time:  5:45pm at RE. We will start the scavenger hunt ~6pm. The estimated arrival at the Dram Shop will be 7pm.

Some Spooky Suggestions:
1. Please arrive no earlier to RE than 5:15pm for this scavenger hunt. We will not let you in 😉 The first 50 people after 5:30pm will receive a vizlet.

2. There will be a PRIZE for the best Halloween costume so come dressed in your spookiest, most creative attire!

3. We will explain all rules once you arrive but be prepared to run, walk, jog, creep or crawl around town. You will have an hour to find everything listed on the bingo card.

4. Speaking of PRIZES – We will be awarding the top 3 teams from the scavenger hunt! 

5. How many people can participate? EVERYONE! How many people can you have on your team? 2-22. Doesn’t matter to us! Just get ready to have some creepy, crawly, ghostly fun! 

Please email Meg (meg@runnersedgemt.com)


We can’t wait to see you Friday!

We think Mark embodies the qualities of a true runner. Not only is he a hard worker, dedicated and is motivated towards any goal he sets out, Mark is one of the nicest people you’ll meet. He’s supportive, thoughful and we believe he’s great addition to our running community. Thanks, Mark, for all you do!

Name: Mark Burke

Age: 56

Hometown: Missoula; I’ve been here 24 years. I’ve lived in the Azores, Illinois, Washington, Arizona & Texas before moving to Montana.

Miles Run Per Week: 15 – 40 depending on what i’m training for. I supplement my running with mountain biking, hiking and strength training.

What Age Did You Start Running: 39. I played tennis in high school and college, racquetball in my 20s, mountain biking in my 30s then started running. After I started running I got into triathlons and have since completed two Ironman triathlons.

Currently Training For: 2016 Masters National Outdoor Track Championships in the steeplechase next July. I started doing steeplechase two years ago and discovered my various abilities seem to all come together for this event!

Favorite Race or Run: I should say steeplechase because I’ve had a lot of success, but it’s also the most painful event I’ve ever done. I’m going to have to say running any trail in the hills and mountains of Montana.

Do You Prefer to Run Solo or With a Group? I end up doing most of my runs alone due to time constraints. I love running with my wife and a few friends.

Favorite Running Memory: Last year we were in Vail for my wife’s hip surgery. On a cool fall morning I ran up the Berry Picker trail to the top of one of the Vail the ski lifts. The views were beautiful, the weather was perfect and it was a very challenging run.

Favorite Thing to do Other Than Running: Hiking in Glacier NP! I’m really enjoying strength training with Mike Rankin at the Peak as well. That training has really helped my running and because of the conditioning I had some success at the Spartan race last year and love it! I want to do more this year.

Words of Wisdom: Keep trying new things, stay active, encourage others to have active lifestyles. Whatever races and events you do, make sure to you’re enjoying the training!

Anything Else You’d Like to Add: Thank you to Runners Edge and Run Wild Missoula for creating such a positive and thriving running community! And also thank you to Courtney Babcock (Key Running) for coaching my steeplechase training!

The 20th Annual Pumpkin Run will be Sunday, October 18th at the Osprey Baseball Stadium. 

Race Day Schedule

Race day registration – 8:45 am
400 meter kids run – 9:45 am
5K – 10:09 am

Race Day Registration

  • 5k – $15
  • 400 Meter Run – $4 for kids 12 and under (RWM discount does not apply)

For more race details and to save a little money for pumpkin muffins,
please pre-register online at runwildmissoula.org.

Where Do The Proceeds Go?

Half the proceeds from the Pumpkin Run will go to the Missoula Food Bank. New this year, half the proceeds will go to the University of Montana Lommasson Center Solar PV Array project. This way the run can help fund the immediate and long term needs of the community.

Now to the most important part of the race: who is the overall winner? Past year’s winners have tended to be prime numbers (double meaning intended here). Since this is the 20th year, the High Pumpkin Council decreed that the number 20 be factored in somehow. After much consultation with available teenagers, it was decided that 7 is lucky, 7 is prime, and since 7 x 20 = 140, the overall winner of the race and receiver of great prizes is the 140th person to cross the finish line. Please, as part of the honor system and our desire for a fair event, do not try to calculate your position in the race while using a calculator.

Hope to see you in October!

Benjamin Schmidt 
Race Director