Frozen Feen Challenge

You've got your back - addressing spine mobility

By: Erin Williams, PT, DPT  We runners (hopefully) think about our leg strength and core strength. Perhaps even occasionally our arm strength when summer hits.  What is often neglected, however, is our spine. To think about the spine as…
Traction devices
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Choosing the Right Traction Device

When the snow flies in Montana, the roads, sidewalks, and trails get icy, snowy, and slippery - FAST. If you’re like us, you want to be able to safely run and walk outside all winter long. Plus, with the Frozen Feet Challenge coming up, you’ll…
Running Safety Month

National Running Safety Month

With November being National Running Safety Month, we wanted to remind everyone (and ourselves) of some tips to help you stay safe on the run. Run with friends There is safety in numbers for a lot of different reasons! Running with friends…