1. Name: Jenny Newton

2. Age: 40

3. Number of Years Running: Only in the last 6 years have I admitted to being a “runner”, but 14 years ago is when I would say I actually started.

4. Weekly Mileage: Anywhere from 25-45 and in the summer I take at least a month off.

5. What got you interested in running?My sister

6. Favorite Hobby Outside of Running: Mountain biking!!! Eating is right up there too.

7. Favorite Quote or Words of Wisdom: There are so many great quotes from my family and friends – here are 3 that I just have to share!

• From my 92 year old grandmother while we were playing volleyball (seriously – you should see her serve) – “I just feel so much better than when I was in my 80’s!”

• From my sister Amy while she was running a marathon and was the lead woman by a long shot. Here’s our conversation as she ran by.
Amy: “What place am I?”
Me: “You’re 1st!”
Amy: (she is now rolling her eyes with an exasperated look that says to me, DUH!!) – “What place am I with the MEN!!”

• From my friend who is the sweetest person you’d ever meet. (I have to edit this for language) – “Jenny, harden the bleep up!”

8. Currently Training For: My 1st ever 800m on the track, andBloomsday!