1. Name: Trisha Miller  

2. Age: 30

3. Number of Years Running: 9

4. Weekly Mileage: 50 – 70 (depends on what I’m training for)

5. What got you interested in running? My friend asked me if I wanted to run a marathon once we graduated from college. I said “Sure… how long is a marathon?” I had only run a 10K one time before. Once I crossed that marathon finish line, I was hooked and knew I had to do this again (and again)!

6. Favorite Hobby Outside of Running: Drinking wine and enjoying good food with friends, not sure if that’s truly a hobby, but I like it!

7. Favorite Quote or Words of WisdomA lot of people I meet always say ‘I would love to run marathon, but….’ I usually cut them off right there. No buts! If you would love to try ANY race, just make a commitment, make a plan and do it. If you are still nervous, go out and watch a race, I guarantee you will be inspired to get moving.

8. Currently Training For: Making sure the Montana Made 5K & 10K on June 4 is fun for all participants!! (www.montanamaderun.org) It’s gratifying repaying Missoula’s awesome running community by volunteering… raising money for a worthy charity isn’t too shabby either. We all need a little good running karma.

Other Fun Facts: I’ve run 15 full marathons in 10 states. I ran a 50k trail race last year and someday want to try a 50 miler!

*Congrats to Trisha for her speedy race at the Eugene marathon just a week ago. 2:54 isn’t too shabby – nice run, Trisha!