NameKen Ellis

Age57 as of April 28

HometownI grew up in Kalispell, MT. I moved many, many times growing up, which prevented me from really having a home town. With that said, I have been in Missoula for 35 plus years and this wonderful city is my home.

Miles Run Per WeekI usually average 55-65 miles per week running mostly the trails around Missoula. Just by chance and circumstance, last week I ran 96 miles (my highest week ever). I remember thinking how high miles make Trisha Drobek faster, and high miles make me tiiiirreed:)

When Did You Start RunningI began running in Feb, 2001 when I got to know Pat Malloy, a man 10 years my senior who ran marathons and ultras. He used to ask me to run with him which always scared me, so I would tell him I walked as fast as he ran. He would look at me and say,” I know what I can do, I don’t know what you can do.”  He mentored me into my running career as I was completely new to the sport. I remember buying my first pair of “running shoes.” Pat had a book which listed different shoes and when he couldn’t find my new shoes on the list, he asked what I paid for them.  $19.95! He told me to take them back or throw them away. On his recommendation, we signed up for my first race, the Evaro Mtn. 10k. Then we signed up for the Bighorn 50K as my second race! When I asked if it was a bit much, he said I could always walk it out. It ended up being a great time! The Bighorn Mtn. trail runs are still my favorite races!

Currently Training ForI am training for the BH 50 mile currently, although I love pacing the Missoula Marathon! This year I am pacing the 3:40 group and looking forward to it!  When I first started running I trained long and hard, and now I still train, but usually with time on the trails instead of a regimented program.

Words of WisdomEven when I am excited and nervous about a race, I try to remember I do it for fun, and at the end of the day, it’s just a run.

Favorite Quote For Race Day“All it takes is all you’ve got”

Anything Else You Would Like to AddMy childhood prevented me from developing any longlasting peer group but belonging to the running community in this town is as close as I ever been, and for that I will always be grateful. It always brightens my day  bumping into familiar faces when we are out doing what we love to do. This is my home…town.