Name:  John Wicks    REshot.163227

Age:  43

Hometown:  Bainbridge Island, WA

Currently Living:  Missoula, MT

How Many Years Have You Been Running:  4

Miles Run Per Week:  Strangely enough, I actually log more miles when I’m on tour with the band than when I’m at home.  On the road I’ll do upwards of 80 to 100 miles per week, here at home around 50 or 60 unless I’m training for a race then that number goes up. I use running to keep a positive outlook, to combat the extreme longing for my wife and kids and for sight seeing in every town we play in.  Because of the mountains surrounding Missoula, I feel like get more quality, steep and soul enriching miles here at home.

Currently Training For:  The Rut 50K and Cascade Crest 100 Mile.

Favorite Race or Run:  Last year’s Rut 50K was a blast. Sunday runs with Dean McGovern’s group in and around the Rattlesnake are great.

Words of Wisdom:  Not to sound too hippie-dippy but being thankful for every step and every breath is really helpful in every aspect of my life including running.  If I approach every run with gratitude, I find that I run more relaxed and as a result I run longer, with more awareness of my surroundings, and have more fun.  As I get older and I’ve become a father, I’ve realized that people (like me) without real problems can dwell too much in their thoughts.  The truth is every breath is a gift, and playing music is optional.  The absence of pain is important, along with food, shelter, clean air, clean water, and clothes to wear are more important than my musical concerns, if not music itself.  Music is not the cake, it’s the icing on the cake.  This is actually a liberating not a depressing realization because without the pressure to try and be brilliant I play with more enjoyment and patience than ever before.  I’ve found that at times my ego has intervened similarly with my running as well.  Does it really matter how fast I’m running?  Like technically great musicians, there is no shortage of fast runners.  What do we need?  In music we need artists with individual voices who realize the potential of their calling as healers, inciters, exciters and sources of inspiration. Maybe running’s lessons are more about getting more in touch with this planet has to offer and our relationship to it.  The more we come in contact with it, the more we appreciate it and treat it better.

Anything Else You’d Like to Add:  Since moving back to Missoula three years ago, I’ve grown more as a person than at any other point in my life.  This is due in large part to discovering running and making friends within the community.  Thanks to friends like Doug Maves, Kevin Twidwell, Stephen Brown, Dean McGovern, Ken Ellis, John Hart, Rick Wishcamper, Mike Foote, Mike Wolfe, Randy Colbert, Kiefer Hahn, Rhea Black, Tim Mosbacher and everyone at Runners Edge for all of the inspiration and support of myself and our family.  See you on the trails.

        Editor’s Note: For those who don’t know, John Wicks plays for Fitz & The Tantrums, the popular band that has been showcased on the Ellen Show and is all over our radio stations. Thanks, John, for letting us feature you and for being part of our running community!