Name: Kevin Twidwell (people call me KT or Twid)  

Age: Just turned 50

Hometown: Born in Denver but grew up in Butte.

Miles Run Per Week: I had knee surgery on December 13 so I am not running at all right now. Instead, I am doing some rehab work with John Fiore at Sapphire Physical Therapy and with Rhea Black at Momentum Athletic Training – mostly cycling and core work while the knee heals. When I am training for ultras, my mileage varies between 40-80 miles per week depending on the race distance.

Currently Training For: After four tries in the lottery, I finally got accepted to the Hardrock 100 in Colorado which starts on July 11.

Favorite Race or Run: I don’t have just one. But my favorite runs have been those with my friends, including the Grand Canyon R2R2R (twice), the Run Across the Bob Marshall Wilderness, running through The Great Burn, the Stuart Peak Loop, Sheep Mountain and just banging around on Sentinel and Jumbo with the gang. The Bighorn 50 and 100 are always excellent races. Vermont 100 was my first 100 miler (and only hallucination). Wasatch 100 was my hardest. Cascade Crest 100 and the Bear 100 rank right up there too. The Copper Canyon 50 in Mexico with Caballo Blanco and the Missoula Mas Locos was my most inspirational race. Breaking 24 hours at Western States was my “best” race, and I have a soft spot in my heart for all the HURL Elkhorn races.  The Rut 50k is in a butt-kicker category all its own. I thought it was incredible and scary.

What’s Better? Group or Solo Running? I seem to always run with friends or with my dog, Moose. Sadly, Lunatic the Running Beagle had to retire.

What Age Did You Start Running? I ran a bit with my dad when I was in junior high and high school, but I didn’t run regularly until I was 30 and in law school. I blame Stu Levit for getting me addicted.

Words of Wisdom: I have a coffee mug that says “Any day I am too busy to run is a day I am too busy.”

Anything Else You’d Like to Add: I love being part of the Missoula running community and am incredibly lucky to have many, many good friends who share their time on the trails with me.