Name: Molly Hayes

Age: 81

Hometown: Camano Island, WA

Currently Living: Bozeman, MT (since 1995)

How Long Have You Been Running: I always ran, even as a kid. Growing up by a beach, I challenged myself by running across logs and during the low tides.

How Many Miles Do You Run Per Week? 49 miles a week (2 runs daily, averaging 7 miles)

What Is Your Favorite Run Or Race? My favorite race has to be the one overseas, the Persian Marathon.

Do You Prefer To Run Solo Or In A Group? I run solo.

Words of Wisdom: Keep running – too much good to give it up

Did you know? Molly is sponsored by Hammer Nutrition out of Whitefish, MT. She loves competing in triathlons and has plenty of great stories to tell. When asked to be Runner of the Month, Molly was kind enough to send us a handwritten letter, answering the questions above. Unfortunately, we couldn’t fit everything into our small newsletter (sorry Molly!), but if you happen to run into Molly, be sure to ask her for some stories (she has some good ones!). Are you participating in the Missoula Marathon this July? Molly will be there! Thanks for doing what you continue to do; you’re an inspiration for all of us, Molly!