Name: Glen Johnshoy   photo (2)

Age: 67 years old

Hometown: Born and raised in Minnesota

Currently Living: Missoula

Miles Run Per Week:  30-50

Currently Training For: Bighorn 50 mile trail run

Favorite Race:  Missoula Marathon, a great celebration of Missoula and our local running community.

Favorite Run:  All the great places to run in and around Missoula with friends and our standard poodle, Lucy.

Best Experience at Boston:  All of downtown Boston was out in full support of the marathon. It was obviously important to make the event a big success but the support was also there for each individual runner. I received expressions of support and congratulations from our arrival Friday evening until we left Boston Wednesday morning. The marathon course was crowded with spectators on both sides from start to finish. Over a million people turned out in support – that’s more than the entire population of Montana.

Words of Wisdom:  Have fun–stay active. Running does it for me!