Do you have a running goal? If you are reading this you probably do. My hope is to apply my experience to help you. Some of us want to finish a marathon, others want to run a PR 5k and some desire to complete the grueling Rut 50k. Whatever your goal is, your first step towards success is a dream.    huntatmtwafinishcopy.151759

When I first walked on to the UM track team, my 5k PR was 20 min and 10k PR was 40 min. Through hard work and determination, I earned a scholarship. After college, I knew in my heart I could be faster. I truly believed that someday I was going to run the race of my life. With the help of my coach, I trained every day with that vision in my head seeing myself reaching my goals. I had setbacks but never gave up. 5 years later I did have that dream race and floated the last 1km to a 15:52 5000m at MT Sac Relays. I was in shock I ran that time and so thrilled that my dream came true. I felt so grateful for all the people who helped me. That race taught me to never give up on your dreams.

According to Harvard Neuroscientist, Rudy Tanzi who co-author the book Super Brain,every cell in your body is affected by your thoughts. If you want to achieve something you must truly believe it. Write your goals down and during every workout visualize yourself achieving your dreams. You will have setbacks and when you do, learn from your mistakes and use them to become a better runner. Never give up. Educate yourself on training and believe in the power of your mind.

After my PR 5k race I continued to create higher goals. I did not achieve them all but when I did reach the goals I set & celebrated with joy and amazement when they were acheived. No matter what your goal is, start with a dream and believe. You might just surprise yourself and magic will happen.

Dream, Believe, Train, Celebrate

Nicole Hunt
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