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Do you fuel after your hard workouts and races? If you desire to reach your peak potential you must plan post exercise nutrition as carefully as you plan your running workout of the day. If you neglect this area, you set yourself up to not recover optimally and consequently not elevate your training to a higher level of fitness.

Consuming carbohydrates with some protein immediately after a hard sustained effort helps restore lost muscle and liver glycogen. It also helps save and boost the production of proteins. Additionally, post exercise carbs boost insulin production and insulin has a powerful effect on runner’s muscles. Insulin helps build muscles after training. Having more lean body mass (muscle) will help you run faster.

You need a minimum of 1 gram per kilogram of body weight.

For example:
110 lbs divided by 2.2 = 50kgs
50kgs x 1 gram = 50 grams
50 grams x 4 calories/gram = 200 calories from carbohydrates
Research states that 10-20 grams of protein is optimal.

I personally usually consume a large bowl of organic colorful veggies including avocado, olive oil and nutritional yeast. I also have a copious amount of blueberries; for my treat I devour my homemade Lara bars made with dates and nuts.

If you want to recover faster, maintain your muscle and therefore have a better performance on the next workout, consider consuming carbohydrates and some protein immediately after your workouts. 30 minutes is the window of opportunity you have. Take advantage of this!

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