Name: Amber Ball

Age: 30

Hometown: Missoula (born and raised in Darby)

What Age Did You Start Running: I was in elementary when I started running as my older sisters joined the high school track team. I come from a large family (10 siblings) so it was easy to just all run together.

Favorite Race or Run: I enjoy races with hills, competing against my husband, and running with my sisters and friends.  Some favorite local races I love are the Runner’s Edge Rattlesnake Resolution Run on January 1st and Run Wild Missoula’s Turkey Day 8k on Thanksgiving. My favorite half marathon is the Two Bear Half Marathon in Whitefish.

Currently Training For: I’m training for my first triathlon in May and the Missoula Half Marathon in July.

Do You Prefer Running Solo or with a Group? I love to run so if it’s with friends or by myself I enjoy every minute of it.

Words of Wisdom: Smile and be happy. Also, cross training is a must.  

Anything Else You’d Like to Add:  Thank you to Runner’s Edge for their support in the community.

*Side Note: We want to thank Amber for wearing a “Miss April” sash in her photo. As you can see, she doesn’t take herself too seriously and this is one of the reasons we love her! Thanks Amber for all YOU do in our running community!