Name: Darren Bayer

Age: 45

Hometown: Truckee, CA but Tami and I have been here since 1996

Miles Run Per Week: Depends on the week but typically 25+.

What Age Did You Start Running: 41

Currently Training For: I’m currently training for an ultramarathon.  I tried the Beaverhead Endurance 55k last summer so that is my ultimate goal for 2016. There are so many exciting races to run that it’s tough to choose!!

Favorite Race or Run: I am so new to running that I haven’t got a particular favorite race or run. I am blessed to be able to run in Missoula and the surrounding areas. I recently joined some trail running friends and we ran up to Stark Mountain Lookout and then Cha Paa Qn the following weekend. Some beautiful views from those peaks so close to home.

Favorite Shoe: One of the best pieces of advice I got when I started running was to go buy a good pair of shoes. I did a little research online and bought some Brooks Ghosts from a friendly sales person at Runner’s Edge. I told him how much I could spend and he said done (well, he did make me sign up for rewards or points or something and joined Run Wild too!) Anyway, I like Brooks Ghosts and a couple of Hoka models.

Favorite Thing To Do (other than running): I love having a homemade dinner at home with my family while watching one of our favorite shows or movie.

Run Solo or With a Group? I love to run. I hope to run with everyone, as long as I can keep up, that way I can learn and be inspired by their running. I get home from work many days and head up to Waterworks with my dog Daisy too. So, however I can get out, I’m goin’.

Words of Wisdom: Whether you are pounding pavement or power hiking Mt. Sentinel, or running dreaded hill repeats, I am trying to have fun.

Anything Else You’d Like to Add: Like I said before, I am blessed to be supported by family and to have befriended some truly great people, who happen to run, here in Missoula. Missoula has been a great place to “learn” to run and I hope to continue to meet great folks and find great runs!