You picked! We asked who you thought should be our Runner of the Month for 2015. Rennie Frank, a runner in our community, was chosen for January. Congrats Rennie! Keep your eyes open to see who will be chosen for February! If you still would like to nominate someone who you believe is inspiring as a runner, please send Meg an email at Be sure to include full name and contact information. Thank you!

Name: Rennie Frank   ImageProxy

Age: 49 (50 in a few months)

Hometown: Missoula

Number of Years Running: Almost 4 years

Currently Training For: I’m getting ready to start pace group leader duties for the Galloway Program for the full marathon. I’m also training for the Freezer Burn 10 miler in January.

Number of Miles Run/Week: 20-25 miles a week on average.

Why Did You Start Running: About a year after I quit smoking, I decided running just sounded fun, which was more of a shock than my quitting smoking. I heard about the Galloway Program from a friend and thought “I can do that.” I bought my first Galloway book at The Runner’s Edge and ran my first 5K at the Missoula Marathon in 2012; I was hooked.

Favorite Race or Run: There are so many that I love. Light The Way is a tradition now and one I really look forward to.  2014 is the only time I have run 11 Miles To Paradise it is my favorite to date and I can’t wait for it in 2015. Just an amazing course.

Words of Wisdom: Listen to your body; trust your training; run your own race.

Anything Else You’d Like to Add: I feel very lucky to live somewhere with such an inclusive running community close by. The generosity and support of others really helped make my journey into running a great experience. I get to repay that kindness and pass it on through the Galloway Program. I look forward to seeing everyone out there.