Name: Katie Gibson

Age: eek! 41 – I thought that when I moved up to the master’s category things would get easier, but there are so many REALLY good master’s runners out there. Holy smokes!

Hometown: Butte, America

Currently Living: Missoula, MT

Miles Run Per Week: This really depends on what I’m training for, but lately it’s been pretty high for races I have this summer. “High” for me is in the 80-90 mile/week range.

Currently Training ForI’m so excited to be a pacer again for the Missoula Marathon. This is my 3rd year doing it and it’s a blast!  What a different way to help other runners from around the country reach their goals. I’m also entered in the Cascade Crest 100 miler at the end of August; this will be my first 100 miler.

Favorite Race or RunSeriously?  This is so hard to pick.  For races I guess I would pick 11 miles to Paradise and the Bighorn 52 miler.  My favorite run ever was one last year with Kristina Pattison in Glacier Park.  We did a 31 mile loop from the top of Going to the Sun Road, over Siyeh Pass to Many Glacier, then over Swiftcurrent Pass and the Garden Wall, finishing back at Going to the Sun.  Talk about a beautiful run, WOW!  Just make sure a carry bear spray 🙂

Do You Prefer to Run Solo or With a Group? Both, whatever it takes to get me out the door. I have met so many cool friends from running that I hate to pass up the opportunity to run with other people. But there are times too that schedules don’t match and it’s just time to get out on your own. I think it helps with consistency to be comfortable with both.

Words of WisdomTry to find something in EVERY run that makes you happy, so you can finish that run and say “that was worth my time”. Sometimes it’s as simple hearing the coyotes howling up on Sentinel during a daily run through town, something you would have missed if you hadn’t run that day. Those moments help inspire me to keep going.

Anything Else You’d Like to Add: Thanks to all the runner’s in this community that we have that have offered words of encouragement and advice over the years. You guys rock!