June marks the official start of summer! The summer months in Montana are full of road and trail running races, and the high mountains are accessible for running adventures. As our summer training and racing miles increase, however, our strength training compliance often diminishes. Although not always immediately apparent, neglecting a solid, targeted strengthening program can result in poor running form and an increased risk of overuse injuries.

Time is a precious commodity during the summer training and racing season, so maximizing the effectiveness and efficiency of a running-specific strengthening program is important.Spending ten to fifteen minutes a day before or after your training run will protect your body from breaking down important core and stabilizing musculature as your training miles increase. Two targeted strengthening and injury prevention thirty to sixty minute workouts per week will enable your body to run efficiently, effectively, and injury-free over the long haul.

The following are links to three Sapphire Physical Therapy videos. Each video emphasizes proper exercise technique, the target musculature of each exercise, and proper demonstration. Click on each link to learn how to incorporate running-specific strengthening exercises into your training program.

1. Beginning Strengthening for Runners video

2. Advanced Strengthening for Runners video 

3. Dynamic Warm-up for Runners video 

The most frustrating injury is the one which manifests itself a week or two before your targeted race. Avoid frustration and disappointment by incorporating the exercises in the above video links into your summer training program. Follow the beginning strengthening exercise video for your daily ten to fifteen minute program, the advanced strengthening exercise video for your two day per week workout, and the dynamic warm-up video for your pre-running warm-up. Incorporate strength training into your summer routine and achieve your training and racing goals!
John Fiore, PT
Sapphire Physical Therapy