As we gear up for spring running in Montana, we see a lot of customers coming to the Runners Edge to buy new shoes. New shoes are something that we are typically diligent in replacing.

But did you know replacing your sports bra is equally as important? Believe it or not, a sports bra can wear out, even after a year.

This month, The Runners Edge wants to help you support your girls!

Starting Monday, February 1st through Monday, February 29th, if you are a member of the Runners Edge Rewards Program, you will receive a raffle ticket for each bra purchased. These raffle tickets will be put in our end-of-the-year raffle.

Want more info on our RE Rewards Program and what the end-of-the-year raffle prizes are? Please click HERE.
For every old sports bra you bring in during the month of February, you will receive a raffle ticket. The winner of the raffle will receive a FREE SPORTS BRA of her choice! So if you bring in three of your old sports bras, you receive 3 free raffle tickets. 

So where do these old sports bras go anyway? We are teaming up with “Free the Girls”, a non-profit that helps fight human trafficking.  Last year, we collected over 85 old sports bras. Let’s try and beat this number by collecting over 100 this year!

For more information on this group, please click HERE