Name: Steven Holloway

Age: Seriously? … Currently on my sixty-seventh trip around the sun.

Hometown: Born on the west coast, Raised in the midwest, In-between circumambulated the earth, Homesteaded to the north, Time on the eastern seaboard, Home is the intermountain valley bioregion.

Currently Residing: Along the Clark Fork watershed of the Columbia.

Age You Started Running: I remember seeing two boys running a mile one day, realizing that I too can run, that was at 10 yrs. and I started running.  But I’d already started serious swimming prior to that at 7 years old.

Currently Training For: My life; oh and a 100 km then 100 mile run.

Favorite Race or Run: Whatever was the last run.

Favorite Thing To Do (Besides Running):Waking up in the morning, drinking a glass of water, looking at the day with wonderment and awe ….

Do You Prefer to Run Solo or With a Group: I just prefer to; lightly & quietly.

Trail Vs. Road: Trails always.

Words of Wisdom: ‘If you wear shoes the earth is covered in leather”‘… ‘if you drive a car your earth is covered in concrete’ … walk or run, your feet touching this earth, everywhere you can, everyday you are able, with gratitude.

Favorite Quote: “Gratitude to the Great Sky who holds billions of stars – and goes yet beyond that – beyond all powers, and thoughts and yet is within us.” – Grandfather Space. And “The Mind is his Wife.” Gary Snyder