My favorite piece of music is the one we hear all the time if we are quiet” said John Cage, American music composer. Have you tried meditation? Since I started meditating in 2014, my life and has transformed. I have become morecalm, happier, confident, focused and faster.

There are over 4,100 scientific studies on Pubmed indicating the efficacy of meditation. Meditation can help you become more focused, live longer, look 12 years younger, reduce inflammation, increase happiness, decrease stress, reduce pain and anxiety, improve sleep, increase optimism and so much more. Here is a link to 76 benefits of meditation.

According to neuroscientist Richard Tanzi and co-author of Super Brain, “When people frown and tell me that they don’t believe in meditation my response is they must not believe in the brain, because four decades of brain research have proven that the brain is transformed by meditation and now newer evidence suggests that genetic output also improves with meditation. That is the right genes get switched on and the wrong ones off.”

In my opinion, to become your fastest running self a daily practice of meditation is as important as choosing a healthy diet. A runner can run adequate on an unhealthy diet but to flourish a runner chooses to eat healthy. In the same way a runner can run adequate without meditating but to gain that extra edge and transform your running meditation is essential.

In a future Runners Edge article I will describe how to meditate and provide a few suggestions for guided meditations.

Nicole Hunt
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