For those of you who don’t know him, Steve Weiler is one of the founding fathers of running in our community. A group of runners, including Steve, started Missoula Road and Track, later named Run Wild Missoula, in the late ’80s. Over the years, Steve held the positions of newsletter mailer, treasurer, and president. According to Weiler, local running popularity waned in the ’90s with club membership less than 200. With the help of family members and others, they created or reestablished many races to keep the interest in running going.  Some of these races included the Bitterroot Runoff, New Years Eve Run, the Merry-go-run, Irish Sweetstakes, Turkey Trot, and Jingle Bell Run. We want to thank Steve for helping with our sport in Missoula and being passionate about keeping it going even when it wasn’t popular! Thanks Steve! Our running community started with people like you. 

Name: Steve Weiler

Age: 66

Hometown: Missoula

Currently Residing: Missoula

Age You Started Running: I started road racing at the first Bank Run when I was 21.

Currently Training For: Spring! 

Favorite Race or Run: Bloomsday as it has been a family outing for years.

Favorite Thing To Do (Besides Running):  Woodworking (carving), Metal work (restoring cars).

Solo or Group Running: Solo fits my schedule.

Trail Vs Road: Road, same as above.