We were inspired by Garrett when we found out he was running 11 Miles to Paradise and he’s only 9! Thanks, Garrett, for showing us the joys of running and letting us know we can run and eat strawberry-rhubarb pie and not feel guilty 😉 

Name: Garrett Cleveland

Age: 9

Hometown: Missoula

What Grade Are You In? 3rd

What School Do You Go To: Hellgate Elementary

Favorite Thing To Do: All sports including running, swimming and taekwondo

Favorite Thing For Dessert: Strawberry-rhubarb pie

Why Do You Like Running: It keeps me strong, it’s fun, and it teaches me to push myself.

Favorite Place to Run: 11 miles to paradise trail

Anything Else You’d Like to Add: I’m definitely signing up for 11 miles to Paradise next year!