Name: Daisy Kesel

img_0977-094707Age: 47

Hometown: San Francisco but have now lived in Missoula for 45 years

Currently Training For: Overindulging on tacos and helping my daughter train for Run Wild Missoula’s Diva Day and Pumpkin Run

Miles Run Per Week: 20-30

Favorite Race: 11 Miles to Paradise

Favorite Thing to Eat For Dinner: Tacos

When Did You Start Running and Why?  I really started running 3 years ago. My brother posted something about a Biggest Loser Half Marathon; I signed up and did it. I had two teens in the house and needed to do something for me. Also, I really love to eat. Plus running makes me feel bad A$%, especially in the winter.

What Motivates You to Run? New shoes and I love catching up with my running gals.

What’s the Best Thing About Running? It has brought me together with some of the most interesting ladies.  There is something special about catching up with a friend on a 14 mile run then being able to stand in the driveway when done with more to talk about.

Words of Wisdom: Always buy good shoes and a good jog bra. The customer service at The Runners Edge is so good. They will help you with anything. I think Tim (at RE) would let me borrow anything; he is a “yes” man.

Anything Else You’d Like to Add: Don’t ever be intimidated by the hard core running community we live in. Everyone started. It is scary to be the new guy, but this community is so welcoming and we will suck you in.