Name: Audrey Peterson (pictured here, third from left)7089_4607148314065_8255934619457864976_n

Age: 25+30 (does that look better than 55 🙂 )

Hometown: Glendive, MT

Where Do You Currently Live? Missoula, MT

Miles Run Per Week: Try to get at around 20. Hiking and biking keep me busy too.

What Age Did You Start Running: 49.5. Sports have always been a part of my life but I was looking for a change of pace for my 50’s and running seemed like an option and something I hadn’t done before.

Currently Training For: Fernie Half Marathon

Best Part Of Running: Hands down – the people! I had no idea that Missoula was such a great running community with some of the most encouraging and inspirational people I have met. The added bonus of maintaining physical and mental health through running is great too.

Run Solo or Group Run? Like to run with a group but sometimes the solitude of a solo run is great to have.

Favorite Run: My first Missoula Half Marathon, a close second would be Moab’s Trail Half Mararthon

Favorite Dessert: Something chocolate based… I am not too picky on my desserts, I will try about anything!

Favorite Thing to Do Besides Running: Spend time with my 2 girls and friends, hiking, biking, and basically enjoying the great outdoors.